Faculty & Staff Consulting


Outside activity, aka consulting, by academic personnel is allowed according to university policy under certain conditions. University personnel should note that:

  • outside consulting is permitted;
  • consulting activity must be approved in advance of its occurrence unless no money is involved;
  • changes in the material facts upon which the consulting was originally approved may require that new approval be obtained;
  • University and federal conflict-of-Interest policies apply as stated in university policy 09.00.05;
  • the outside work rules apply to all individuals employed by the state;
  • University personnel may not bring information from personal consulting/outside activity back into the university;
  • University personnel may not sign non-disclosure agreements (confidentiality agreements) on behalf of the university; and
  • Must not include IP

Certain activities go beyond consulting in the meaning accepted by the university and trigger a more extensive review process. The review process for this greater level of involvement includes a management plan that is approved by the university and signed by the individual. When academic personnel provide standard-practice or project-based consulting activities through the University of Oregon, it may be done so in accordance with the principles governing other sponsored projects. These would be handled under the normal policies and procedures of Sponsored Project Services and Innovation Partnership Services with the details depending on whether the party seeking consulting services is a for profit or non-profit entity. Income for the consulting activity would contribute to the academic personnel’s standard salary. To learn more, please see the Faculty & Staff Consulting Overview.