Funding Types

Gift: Funding provided by an individual or organization that qualifies for tax treatment as a charitable contribution under IRS codes

Sponsored Project: Funding provided by an organization with specific deliverables and/or terms & conditions that must be met. Sponsored Projects may be instructional, research, or other.

Instructional: The teaching and training activities of an institution, except for service/research training. Includes all teaching and training activities, whether they are offered for credits toward a degree or certificate or on a non-credit basis, and whether they are offered through regular academic departments or separate division, such as a summer school division or an extension division.

Organized Research: All research and development activities of an institution that are separately budgeted and accounted for.

  • Research is planned search or critical investigation aimed at discovery of new knowledge with the hope that such knowledge will be useful in developing a new product or service (hereinafter "product") or a new process or technique (hereinafter "process") or in bringing about a significant improvement to an existing product or process. Basic research is the pursuit of new scientific knowledge or understanding that does not have specific immediate commercial objectives, although it may be in fields of present or potential commercial interest.
  • Applied research applies the findings of basic research or other existing knowledge toward discovering new scientific knowledge that has specific commercial objectives with respect to new products, services, processes, or methods.
  • Transformational research involves ideas, discoveries, or tools that radically change our understanding of an important existing scientific or engineering concept or educational practice or leads to the creation of a new paradigm or field of science, engineering, or education. Such research challenges current understanding or provides pathways to new frontiers.

Development is the systematic use of the knowledge or understanding gained from research or practical experience directed toward the production or significant improvement of useful products, services, processes, or methods, including the design and development of prototypes, materials, devices, and systems

Other: Programs and projects financed by Federal and non-Federal agencies and organizations which involve the performance of work other than instruction and organized research and organized research, such as delivering existing programs, providing testing services on materials or translating a book, software or course materials into another language.