Industry Sponsored Research

Education and Research are main elements of the mission of the University of Oregon. Both activities are heavily supported by external sponsors through grants and contracts given to the University on behalf of Faculty, Staff, or Operating Units.

Governmental funding agencies, non-profits or private sector companies grant funds to the University via sponsored research agreements. The University understands that the expectations and requirements that accompany support from industry can be very different than those from governmental funding agencies or non-profits. These differences manifest themselves in the contracting process and, in particular, intellectual property issues surrounding research. 

Industry Sponsored Research is handled by the University’s Innovation Partnership Services (IPS) in coordination with Sponsored Projects Services, which are units of the Office of the Vice President for Research Innovation and Graduate Education. Orca Merwin of IPS is the University’s Information Asset & Industry Agreements Administrator and main contact for industry sponsored research agreements. 

For more information about the Industry-Sponsored Research Process, please see the Process Overview and Industry Sponsored Agreement Template. These documents are intended to help researchers understand the contracting process at the University, how to engage it, and where difficulties may be encountered.