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Join the Flock: Industry Impact and Beyond

The University of Oregon is home to world experts in fields ranging from green nanotechnology to education science to sports product design. Innovation Partnership Services (IPS) can connect you with researchers, equipment and facilities that will accelerate your innovation and product development processes, helping you launch new products and services faster.  

We work with a diverse group of innovative researchers across campus and would be happy to meet or connect you with our colleagues in Industry Relations -- who specialize in creating and building relationships between industry and UO -- to discuss your needs and connect you with the best people and tools to foster new partnerships. Please contact us today, we look forward to showing you all our campus has to offer!

Industry Sponsored Research

Governmental funding agencies, non-profits and private sector companies fund our research groups via sponsored research agreements. The expectations and requirements that accompany financial support from industry can be very different than those of governmental funding agencies or non-profits. Industry sponsored research is managed by IPS in coordination with Sponsored Projects Services (SPS), our sister unit in the Office of the Vice President for Research & Innovation. IPS works with industry and our researchers in the contracting process to setup the right level of collaboration, scope of work, and access to intellectual property developed in the project. Read more about the public-private process here

Grab a QuackPack of UO Innovations!

Visit our profile at to browse our offerings, including technologies you can license, world class research core services, and other services. 

Visit our Innovation Catalog or browse UO’s Express Licensing portal for technologies you can license -- particularly if you are interested in education science. We license almost everything under the sun made by humans!

Given the breadth of innovation created at UO, we shape our licenses to fit to the distinctive nature and form of the industry relationships they support, depending on the technology and the type of industry sponsorship. We understand the needs of industry partners and work to create relationships that align expectations and maximize the opportunity for UO innovation to create a lasting impact, instead of just focusing on the UO’s financial return. 

The University of Oregon is committed to socially responsible licensing, including considering provisions that address unmet needs. UO and its industry partners commit to licensing provisions that encourage translation of fundamental research into new products and technologies. Our objective is to optimize the likelihood that new knowledge will be used for the public good, whether locally or globally.

The following elements are key considerations in licensing UO innovation: 

  • Development of the innovation for society's use and benefit. How will licensing maximize the impact of our researcher’s work?
  • Sharing financial return so that resources may be reinvested to fuel the national and state innovation ecosystem

  • Management of potential conflicts of interest

  • Continued right to publish the results of research

  • Commercial risk is undertaken by our commercial partner (indemnification)

IPS also offers many services that can help businesses move innovations from lab to market:

  • We help match you with UO researchers to help you apply for federal Small Business Innovation Research or Small Business Technology Transfer program funds that can help you secure vital non-dilutive funding for  your startup, or accelerate your product to market launch.  We can also help you work with your UO researcher collaborator to apply for state and local funding in support of these collaborations.

  • We can connect you to state of the art specialty facilities (UO’s Research Core Services) and UO researchers and who can help test, validate or improve your technology.

  • We connect you with UO community members who offer consulting and other services that help Oregon entrepreneurs and existing businesses get their products to market, help you grow your businesses, and help you grow your impact.

To learn more contact an IPS staff member today.