Project Management


If you’re planning to launch a new project, we recommend you use the Project Tool to ensure that all the members of the project understand and agree to your Project Rules. The Project Tool gives team members an easy way to view and agree to the terms of the project — and it gives members an easy way to share assets with each other.  You don’t want to be surprised at the end of your grant to find out you do not have enough rights to use the work contributed by volunteers, students, or collaborators!

To use the tool simply CLICK THE BUTTON ABOVE to set up your project. After you create your project, IPS will contact you to discuss the project rules for the project. Once the terms have been created, we will upload them to your project, and your team members will all get an email inviting them to join the project’s online home, and agree to the project rules

Project rules are particularly helpful when you are working on a multi-lab collaboration or industry partnership involving many participants, or when the research project has a longer time-line. Establishing a system for bringing work into the project and distributing the project's outputs can save you a tremendous amount of time and avoid potential misunderstandings along the way. Project rules may also be prepared for incorporation into your grants that require an intellectual property plan or additional information on how you intend to distribute the results of your research. We work with the PI or supervisor of each project to customize the project rules and discuss them with all of the participants so that everyone understands their value in the context of the planned or ongoing project. The project rules can be signed and accessed in the project tool

You can also use the inventory worksheet to identify assets created in a University of Oregon research project, such as software, chemical or biological materials, instructional materials, images or multimedia documents, designs, methods, logos, etc. It's easy to forget how many assets and research artifacts can be created in a project. Whether used as a checklist or to brainstorm ideas for distributing your work or attracting investment for commercialization, an inventory is a useful tool for tracking down obligations and identifying opportunities. Contact our office if you are considering joining one of UO's programs, or developing a new one.