Recent Collaborations

Experts at the University of Oregon engage in a variety of relationships that range from informally answering a few questions for the community or industry, to collaborating on multi-million dollar sponsored research projects. 

University of Oregon faculty members work collaboratively with researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs around the world in efforts to understand and one day solve the pressing issues that confront society. As an institution, we are committed to building productive research collaborations and using creative, positive approaches that strive to align interests and foster effective innovation, entrepreneurship, and engagement.

Recent participants in university-industry collaborations efforts at UO include:

Center for Advanced Materials Characterization in Oregon (CAMCOR)

CAMCOR is an ONAMI facility for materials characterization that includes $30 million in cutting-edge nano-characterization and fabrication equipment. CAMCOR's signature research facility is in the University of Oregon's Lorry I. Lokey Laboratories, a 30,000 square foot state-of-the-art underground facility. CAMCOR brings together researchers from academia and industry to solve problems in chemistry, geology, archaeology, nanoscience, materials science, bioscience, and optics. Current industry participants include Voxtel, FEI, SpectraWatt, and Intel. 

Center for Applied Second Language Language Studies (CASLS)

One of only fifteen National Foreign Language Resource Centers currently funded by the U.S. Department of Education, the University of Oregon's Center for Applied Second Language Studies combines technology with research to transform teaching and learning of foreign languages. CASLS programs support the development of new curricula, assessment tools, and teachers. CASLS is working in close collaboration with private-sector commercialization partner Avant Assessment, LLC to create innovative Web-based products and services that meet the rapidly growing demand for foreign language training.

InfoGraphics Laboratory

UO's InfoGraphics Lab focuses on the integration of GIS and graphic design tools with cartographic design. Professor Esther Jacobsen-Tepfer from UO's Department of Art History and Dr. James Meacham of the InfoGraphics Lab teamed with ESRI, the industry leader in GIS software, on a multidisciplinary project to produce the Cultural Atlas of the Ancient Mongolian Altai.

Materials Science Institute (MSI)

MSI is a State Center of Excellence, and its members study the structure and properties of materials while connecting research advances to the public and industry. MSI's collaborations connect it to over 25 Oregon companies, including LSI Logic and Dune Sciences, Inc.

Industrial Internship Program in Materials Science

The course work and labs are designed to help students become more effective problem solvers in the industrial environment. Emphasis is also placed on developing soft skills, such as communication (oral and written), team work and leadership - skills critical for a successful career in industry.

Neuroinformatics Center (NIC)

A research program within the University of Oregon's Department of Computer and Information Science, NIC uses high-performance computing to generate information-rich images of brain activity.  NIC collaborates closely with Cerebral Data Systems (a division of Electrical Geodesics, Inc.) on medical applications such as neurosurgical planning, remote monitoring for epilepsy, advanced sleep diagnostics, and home healthcare.

Product Design Program

Students and faculty join forces to create elegant new products for companies in many industry sectors, from sports equipment to household goods, furniture and medical technology. PDP projects focus on advanced product designs that reduce environmental impacts, improve performance and offer meaningful economic benefits to the company and consumers. Recently, the Program linked up with UO's Lundquist College of Business to work collaboratively with Yakima Products, Inc. on internal operations improvements and product development.